Aircraft Design and Systems Integration

Electric propulsion offers a new paradigm for the design of modern aircraft systems. Our team brings extensive experience and capability in the design of various classes of electrified aircraft, including large commercial platforms, regional and business jets, and personal eVTOL aircraft.

Cryogenics and Superconducting Materials

Our unique expertise in novel materials and cryogenics allows superconductivity to be included in the design of power transmission systems and motor coils, which offers significant advantages for electric aircraft systems. Superconducting systems offerseveral benefits over conventional, room-temperature power transmission, including lower transmission voltages and elimination of ohmic losses.

Electric Machine Design

Our team specializes in the design of flight-weight electric machines for aviation. These designs advance the state-of-the-art induction motor (IM) and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) technology across both room temperature and superconducting (fully and partial) machines.

Energy Storage

The development of lightweight, efficient energy storage serves as one of the key technical challenges associated with electrified aircraft propulsion. Our team specializes in hybrid battery/fuel cell systems as an ultra-light approach to provide electrical power and energy. Our research also includes lifecycle analysis of energy-related emissions and cost.

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Given the structural, aerodynamic, and thermal considerations of electric aircraft systems, our team's expertise in multidisciplinary design optimization ensures refined designs meet peak performance with minimum weight required. Constraints for energy storage volume, thermal loading, and other considerations ensures the unique requirements of our designs can be met.

Multi-Domain Modeling and Systems Engineering

Our team's use of multi-domain modeling allows complex dynamics within and across multiple aircraft subsystems to be simulated. These models facilitate both high-level and low-level trade studies, as well as reveal opportunities for system control strategies.

Power Electronics Components and Converter Design

With a strong expertise in power electronics, our team leverages advanced characterization and modeling of semiconductor devices, high power-density converter design, high-density EMI filter design and integration, and power module packaging/integration for wide bandgap devices.

Propulsion-Airframe Integration

The use of electric propulsion systems allows for an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the placement and sizing of propulsors. Our team specializes in aero-propulsive integration methods to improve the efficiency and operational performance of electric aircraft.